Mushroom Curiosity Charm Necklace Color: Brass # 3450

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This little handmade treasure contains real fungi, preserved forever inside a 1 inch wide by .25 inch deep resin pendant, with a 20 inch chain and a lobster clasp. Each mushroom we forage or grow is carefully dried and stabilized with clear non-toxic resin. Curiosity necklaces are a great gift for mushroom foragers and nature enthusiasts. They also add a natural flair to any jewelry or curiosity collection. Each item crafted at Fungus Farm LLC is unique, so the photos here show the exact item you’ll receive. Our mushroom curiosities are handcrafted in Manchester, New Hampshire. This unique mushroom art would fit nicely into Mushroomcore, Cottagecore, Goblincore, Gnomecore, Wiccan, or Fairy aesthetic. Measures approximately 1 inch wide by .25 inch deep, with a 20 inch chain. Comes in a brown Kraft paper box for display or gift packaging. See photos for details. Check our shop page for more unique oddities and mushroom curiosities. Please message if you have any questions!