A Boho-Anthro chair makeover

Oh my gosh you guys what a fun fun project this was! So, I scored this fabulous little chair that had great shape and great bones however the color..  not so great, in fact it screamed late 80s early 90s with that ever so lovely (not) mauve ...yikes!!!  help!!!

Boho Anthro Chair DIY Before Girl UPcycled

Ohh baby do I have big plans for you! 

Did you know you can actually paint fabric using the DIY paint?? Yep you most certainly can!!!  I actually did a live video on my Facebook page showing you all the tips and secrets to getting a great finish using this technique. Feel free to watch some of the video below that will talk you through all of the steps



IOD Stamp Girl UPcycled

Create beautiful hand stamped designs with stamps from Iron Orchid Design home decor DIY products from Prima Marketing  

Find my Aff link here for The IOD Products_

 https://alexa.design/2o l4qmO 


IOD Stamp Grid Girl UPcycled Studio

Handle has a easy grid with ruler to easily line up your designs

Gold Ticket Patina

Golden Ticket Liquid Patina from DIY Paint line is beautiful to use with the stamps! 

Apply Golden Ticket Patina to IOD Stamp

Apply golden Patina to the top design of the stamp.

Closeup of Boho Anthro Chair Girl UPcycled

The perfect boho anthro feel for that free-spirited style! 

Easily stamp around curves using stamps without the handle too! 

Finished Boho Anthro Chair Girl UPcycled

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