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I'll be at the Artisan MADE Artist Retreat 2024
The Artisan MADE Artist Retreat is for the artists wanting multiple workshops with 4 art instructors in one retreat setting with the option of learning about the hot topics of the artist life lessons and business operations.
Courage On Canvas 2024
Hosted by artist and creative coach Dionne Woods, Courage on Canvas will take place Friday, September 13th through Tuesday, September 17th at the beautiful Connecticut River Valley Inn located in idyllic Glastonbury, CT. These gorgeous boutique accommodations include modern amenities, a dedicated creative space, and meals during our stay. The wonderful Kelly Wiler will join us for five days of mindset, creativity, inspiration, connection, friendship, and COURAGE!
June 2024 Public schedule at Girl UPcycled Studio
Find out where and when you can take part in various events for June 2024 with Girl UPcycled Studio!
Are you struggling to create paintings that are unique and with your own "Artistic Fingerprint" or Voice?

I hope you enjoy this free class that full of helpful tips to push you to new levels in your painting practice as an artist! I'm so excited to see how this helps you grow and I hope you'll share your experience with me, I'd love to see what you create!


Discover the Joy of Painterly Paint Parties!
I just can't think of a better way to start off the new year as an artist than attending the Painterly Paint Party 
Who is looking for a day of Creative Adventure?
Come and join a fun outing with a paint party then Paddle the scenic Licking & Muskingum Rivers in a Pea Ohana Watersports kayak traveling 4 miles downriver as you enjoy a mixture of rural nature & urban sprawl, ending your trip by passing under the famous Y-Bridge in downtown Zanesville.
A Celebration Of Local Artists!
Come Celebrate During Zanesville's First Friday Gallery Hop in May!
It's Time To SOAR! At the Southwest Ohio Artists Retreat!

You do NOT want to miss out on this very special ARTISTS RETREAT!

Make decisions that will push your talents to brand new levels, conquer your fear and connect with others that are just as passionate about creating art as you are!

What the heck is a Splatter-N-Chatter Class?
Who wants to have a great time creating with all of your best friends? That's what Splatter-N-Chatter classes are all about! want to learn more??
Free art Class
Do you need some helpful prompts and ideas to get you out of the Artist block that you continually find yourself in so you can Create original organic art without starting with a complete idea? That is what the practice of Intuitive Art will do for you! Click link to get a free art class!!!
Easy Statement Piece: How to Apply a Transfer to a Dresser
*Disclaimer: I sell many of the products linked in this blog post in my shop. By clicking the link you may be taken to a product page in my store.* Turn any plain Jane piece of furniture into a statement...
Create a Custom DIY Lampshade Using Paint to Get the Look of Anthropologie

Create a lampshade like one you might find from that eclectic bohemian brand we all adore, Anthropologie, using Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint and Liquid Patina.

Your Door Envy Makeover Tutorial is finally here!
Hi Y'all!! It’s been a minute since my last blog post but the wait was soo worth it! Yea I know I have had other door envy blog posts I've done….But-that is what brings me back around for another follow...
A special DIY collab between 9 creators!

9 Creative DIY Furniture, Art and Craft videos that will make your life easier!

A journey into an Intuitive Art piece
Find out the how’s and the why’s behind the creation of an intuitive art piece and learn this unique twist in the story of the customer that bought it, you won’t belive how this unfolded! Also enjoy watching clips of...
Easy DIY Christmas Decor including Faux birch logs

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations perfect for a winter white farmhouse style!

Painting from the soul

Have you ever tried to paint without rules or boundries? No? Well, that's exactlywhat intuitive painting is all about! 

Why Being a Furniture Painter is so much bigger than ourselves
A "Furniture Painter", "Furniture Flipper", "Paint Finisher", "UPcycler", there are so many titles and descriptions for what we do, so many that sometimes it all sounds just so basic after awhile right?  But that's actually WRONG! And here's the perfect...
A new kind of DIY for all of you!

Exciting New announcement! Splatter-N-Chatter now comes to YOUR home online!

When Furniture Meets Art

Learn to add layers, texture and create an ombre' like feel using your fingers! yep-your fingers! 

That can't be grammy's buffet!?!

Learn Just how easy it is to achieve a custom designers look using the IOD home decor Rollers!