Create a Custom DIY Lampshade Using Paint to Get the Look of Anthropologie

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Back in May, I went live every day for 30 days over on my youtube channel. It was a great way to connect with all my fellow creatives, answer questions people were having while making and creating, and do some projects that might be a little different for me.

I wanted to share some of my favorites here on the blog, including this SUPER popular project. 

DIY Anthro Lampshade

I was inspired by that eclectic bohemian brand we all adore, Anthropologie, to upcycle an old, dusty lampshade using Debi’s Design Diary DIY Paint and Liquid Patina.

The lampshade I picked as inspiration had a beautiful, vintage-inspired embroidered floral pattern and cost a whopping $158! 

But us DIY-ers know ... you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get something unique and beautiful in your home. You just need a little creativity, DIY spirit, and a few thrift store finds to upcycle :).

To create the look I wanted, I used a rainbow of DIY Paints and the Liquid Patina as a textile medium.

DIY Paints are all-natural and incredibly versatile clay-based chalk style paints with a high level of pigment. When mixed with the Liquid Patina, the paint becomes much more liquid and acts as a fabric textile medium. 

I loved the color palette of the original Anthropologie lampshade, so I decided to stick with that and add depth and the impression of texture by layering light and dark shades of each color. (Check out the bottom of the post for a shoppable list of the paint colors I used in this project!)

The best part of DIY-ing this project is that you can pick the color palette that suits your decor best AND save yourself a few dollars!

Check out the video to watch the full tutorial on this project! And read on for a few more tips and tricks.

To get the paint to the right texture, I used three parts paint to two parts Liquid Patina when applying my basecoat. This makes the paint really soak into your fabric and makes it much more durable. 

Liquid Patina really is all that and a bag of chips! It can be used as a glaze, topcoat, decoupage medium, transfer gel, and textile medium. It is low sheen, so you end up with a nice satin finish.

You will want to make sure to add a little water to your paint/patina mixture to allow everything to flow smoothly and absorb nicely. 

I used a variety of round brushes, a Paint Pixie Chalk Brush, and a few angled artist brushes for this project. I really enjoy using a nicely pointed round brush when working with florals to get petal and leaf details just right. 

By laying down a base color for each flower or leaf, and then going back in with a different tone or shade in a short-stroke, I was able to create an embroidery-style result!

If you’re ready to do a full custom lamp makeover, check out the video on the full thrift store flip where I repaint the base!

Anthro lamp base

I am very happy with the result I achieved and I hope you’ll try it out yourself! If you decide to add a pop of color to a lampshade using this technique, I would love to see it! Share it with me over in my Facebook group.


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