When Furniture Meets Art

Furniture Meets Art Girl UPcycled
Do you ever miss those carefree days when you were a child putting your hands and fingers into your paint? Well, this was just one of those days for me, come along and watch this beautiful paint application from start to finish as I transform an antique victrola into a new usable not to mention "Statement Piece" for your home!
Furniture Meets Art Before Girl UPcycled

The finish on this old victrola was completely worn and damaged from head to toe, the shelves, as well as the lid to it, was also missing.  I started by cleaning and priming it really well at this point I didn't have a plan on what or how I would paint it. 

Then it finally hit me, I wanted to create a texturized layered look with just a hint of an ombre' feel using various shades of greens and blues! Watch the video below to see the unusual way I chose to apply the paint.



I started off with Fancy Farmgirl from the DIY Paint line giving it an all-over coverage as the base color. I then used a combination of Old 57 and Hey Sailor by just using my fingers and doing thinner long strokes of color slightly blending the two, as I began to apply the paint towards the bottom of the piece I gradually transitioned to using only the darker shade Hey Sailor on the bottom area giving it somewhat of an ombe' effect. After the entire piece dried and sat for 24 hours I then came back in and covered the piece with clear wax then an even coat of dark wax over top of that. The dark wax slightly toned the brightness of the colors and gave it a finished blended look that I was going for.

Do you think you could try doing a paint technique like this? It really is so fun just to step out of the normal every day ho-hum painting job and dive into something creative and fun! I double dog dare YOU to try it!

Furniture Meets Art Final Results Girl UPcycled

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