Free art Class

Do you need some helpful prompts and ideas to get you out of the Artist block that you continually find yourself in so you can Create original organic art without starting with a complete idea? That is what the practice of Intuitive Art will do for you! 

Because intuitive style art has pushed me personally beyond any artistic practice Ive tried to date, Im convinced it will help push your creative boundaries also! Ive created just a short class that is free for you to try, It's just one of many experiments I have taught inside The Creators Club, my private art community, where I have watched these talented ladies grow leaps and bounds! I feel like a proud momma when I see their work and I automatically can identify who's art it is before seeing their name! This is because they have put their skills to the test, buried their doubt and fear and have pushed their artistic boundaries!

Enjoy this free class and let your own mind wonder and experiment with these prompts! Let me see your results and let me know how it made YOU feel?



  • Debbey Courtney

    Saw you on Debis you tube channel and I need to get paint! I’ve been buying off of Jamie Ray but I can drive to you and would love some classes!

  • Karen Holbein

    Interesting in shabby chic, Victorian, french country and farm styles of home decor classes . All wreath classes

  • Debbey Courtney

    Gurl TEACH ME 🤣

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