What the heck is a Splatter-N-Chatter Class?

While I teach weekly online art classes to upcoming artists in my membership group on how to grow their techniques and form their own voice, I do offer a very fun, light hearted Sip-n-Paint style of classes for my local customers called Splatter-N-Chatter, they are designed with the beginner or persons with no experience in mind so they can feel relaxed and enjoy their friends for this creative way to socialize.

To host a party of your own all you need to do is contact me to schedule your day and time that you and at least 6 or more of your friends would like attend, you will be able to choose 1 design that I will guide you and your friends through every step of the way! Feel free to bring snacks and drinks in to enjoy during this fun colorful event!

Most classes are designed for adults and children 12 and up.

Splatter-N-Chatter classes are 35 per person and require a deposit to secure your date of your event.

Here are a few examples of classes we have offered!


Floral Car paint class

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  • Robin Kimbrough

    Hello! how soon in advance must we book a sip and pain event?

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