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The name is Girl UPcycled, and no not every single thing I do is "technically" considered an UPcycled project but rather Girl UPcycled represents me and my personal life and story and how I have UPcycled my life lessons and education into what I am today. So, here's a bit of a background.

I've always had that artistic creative mind and flair, doing things "by the book" just seemed to box me in so to speak. I wanted to just let things flow naturally ...I wanted to, well, just be me...because if ya really think about it yes, we are in some ways alike but we truly are really really different from one another. So along with my creative nature I had drive and went for jobs that maybe I really didn't have the "college qualifications" for, BUT proved myself and just did it! I learned from the bottom up and set my goals and just really had (and still have) a belief that failing just really isn't an option. I wound up gaining skills with design, customers, computers, employees and so on and so on. I then found myself in a big corporate office, attending meetings, paperwork and budgets up to the ears! The more I did in the corporate world, (this was even considered a creative design position btw) the further away from what my spirit longed for...cried for...yearned for!! Creative artistic freedom...the true freedom that makes my heart sing!

Next chapter, enter the birth of my preterm baby. Yep, didn't see that one coming! 2 months early weighing a whopping 2.4lbs. My life hasn't been the same since...and thank God! Yes, God, he (or dare I say "she" tehehee) does send blessings in the strangest of times and ways. I would have never willingly left my job had it not been for this sweet little tiny life that took me and my husband by storm! (She literally was born during a hurricane too). So, I gladly walked away from this job that had been my  life for so long and enjoyed this little girl and learned to play and be a kid again myself! So that's it folks! We are all born as these amazing, curious, creative little souls that want to experiment, that want to be silly, laugh, see color! As you grow, you are taught to follow the rules, mind your etiquette, how to dress, eat, sleep and this goes on until we wake up one day and we no longer act like ourselves anymore. We are now a product of our environment. So, this is the backstory wrapped up for you as to why I chose the name Girl UPcycled, it just simply fits perfect with my life, who I am, and what I am doing. Stop back by and see what creative juices I have flowing, share your stories and for goodness sake....go play, be silly, maybe break a rule once in a while will ya?!?

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