Create Patina with Paint

A Mermaids journey, Isn't it just amazing what we can achieve by apply paint to something that's outdated and turning it into a beautiful jaw dropping piece?? I never tire of this process! Watch and learn how to take a bright brassy chandelier to an amazing mysterious statement. 

Patina Paint Finish Girl UPcycled Studio

Create decorative details with clay and create your own oxidized Patina with Chalk Style paint!

I started out with just a basic high gloss brass chandelier that was ever so popular in the 90's....eghh the 90's I right?? I made sure I cleaned and in particular used a degreaser on it. 

Patina Paint Finish Girl UPcycled Studios

Say goodbye to this boring finish ...buhhh..bye!!

I decided it needed to have some type of special embellishments to make it really unique so next enters those fabulous mould offered by Iron Orchid Designs! 

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Lucky me! I found this sweet whimsical Mermaid shape that fit just perfectly on each side of the cylinder of the chandelier!


 ...take a look at the entire "how to" video below to learn how to properly achieve all the creative steps for the oxidized patina finish!


Patina Paint Finish Chandelier Girl UPcycled Studio

Lovely natural patina finish chandelier with beautiful handmade clay detailing

Lastly I finished it off with clear wax from the DIY line and added just a hint of dark wax around the mermaid detailing to help enhance it even more!

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Patina Paint Finish Chandelier Girl UPcycled Studio


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