Danielle Loves Nostalgia

Dedicated to a dear, sweet and extremely talented photographer and vintage loving friend of mine "Danielle"

Danielle Loves Nostalgia Girl UPcycled Studio

Danielle Loves Nostalgia Girl UPcycled Studio

This is what she looked like when I started off, yep, I've seemed to have gotten myself I to yet again another veneer stripping project!

It actually went much quicker than I had anticipated and that was a welcome surprise. I used a very hot iron and a cloth, (just some layered paper towels in this case since it was a small job). I worked in small sections leaving the hot iron sit for a bit while I chiseled away on another area. It actually worked very well and was fairly painless doing it this way.

progress dresser Girl UPcycled Studio

After a good cleaning I covered the first layer in APC (American Paint Company) beach glass, it's still wet in the photo but it is one of my favorite color they offer.

Sometimes I like to paint late, midnight here to be exact, when the house is quiet and calm. I thought this was kinda funny because all the decor was still up from my daughters birthday party, looks festive huh??

The main white color is again American Paint Company's "Navajo White", two coats, smoothed and lightly lightly distressed edges.

I totally missed taking photos of applying the beautiful nostalgic camera fabric to drawers but I simply measured out fabric to drawer bottoms, applied an even thin layer of mod Podge to drawer surface, gently laid in fabric using a credit card to smooth out, then another application of mod Podge over the top to seal.

And taaaa-daaaa!!! "Danielle Loves Nostalgia" is ready to live her new life!

Finished dresser Girl UPcycled Studio

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