Easy Wall Stamp DIY with IOD Stamps

Wow, this wall stamp couldn't be any easier to use! I really couldn't believe it, but see for yourself as you watch my step by step video. I'm already excited and thinking about more creative ways I can incorporate the Stamp designs into other upcoming projects! I can already picture the stamps on the sides of the drawers on a dresser so when you open it up "POW" instant impact! Or what about Stamping on some simple drop cloths then just simply clip them up on curtain rods for a punch of design and color on curtains? ohh, I could go on forever!

What ideas are you thinking of with these beautifully made stamps?? I would LoVe to hear about them! Please feel free to share any tips you've learned along the way also.

see my affiliate link below to take you directly to this very stamp! Enjoy!

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