Fall DIY "crackle" crate pumpkin

Fall Crackle Crate Pumpkin DIY Girl UPcycled

Looking for a sweet lil DIY upcycle? This is the perfect project that can be completed in about 2 hrs! 

I found these wooden crates at Home Depot (they were the best price there compared to hobby lobby) but hobby Lobby has some minateures that would be sweet as a little tablescape for the fall season so choices, choices, choices ;)

I started by painting crates with Old 57 DIY Paint my "go to" turquoise paint from Debis Design Diary, just get a nice coat on there and let it dry- Find the DIY Paint by following my affiliate link here  http://debisdesigndiary.com/ref/38?campaign=fall crackle crate pumpkin

Now take a quick look at the live video (originally posted on fb live) demo below to easily learn how to get the next two steps using Summer Crush from Debis Design Diary. And learn the crafters "secret" product to getting the perfect crackle finish-shhhhhhh-don't tell a soul!

After you get the perfect paint texture of your choice on its time to embellish!! This is where it gets really fun guys! Use your imagination for the stem and pretty embellishments, there are so many cool burlap or crystalized leaves you could use or go through old jewelry, those keys that you saved that you have no idea what they're for?? Go out in the yard and use old limbs that have fallen to the ground....orrr  Old yummy rusted items like the door knob I found!!! 

Rusty knob Girl UPcycled Studio

Think outside the box! Can't find embellishments you like?? Make them! Using the Iron Orchid Designs Moulds (IOD from Prima Marketing)  I picked out a couple of shapes I liked, the clock and sunflower design, using paperclay I simply pressed in the mould, popped it out-let it dry a bit and simply painted and patina or waxed it.


air clay how to Girl UPcycled Studio

On the embellishments I used Old 57 from The DIY Paint line, Golden Ticket (a metallic patina) and dark wax. 

 So what do YOU think?? Think you can do this? YES you most certainly can and I would love to hear about your spin on this little project, how did you make it unique or special? Did you explore with different color combinations? Did you find some old wonderfully rusted thing to use as the stem?? Can't wait to hear about it. 

hope you had fun and I will see YOU at the next project! Keep those imaginations running wild and those brushes wet! 

A special thanks to Squeaky for deciding to hang out and gracing me with her presence-I thought you'd all enjoy her so I just left her there- lol 🐱 

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