Girl with the crystal chandelier

Isn't it just amazing how a great paint job can totally transform an entire look and style of a tattered piece of furniture?

I started with a really good cleaning! A couple to be exact-

The exterior of the dresser is painted in

APC's (American Paint Company) Navajo white

-2 coats, it's just a really nice crisp clean look!

The front frame and interior of the drawers are painted a lovely purple tone to give it a nice contrast, polished & finished look when the drawers are open-it's really important to pay attention to these hidden details, it gives your pieces that extra designer look that only comes from custom hand touched work!

Now...Possibly the hardest and most time consuming thing is trying to narrow down all of those creative thoughts that are racing through an artistic persons head! 

But once you get a clear focused idea -there's just no stopping you!

I started with a light graph that I sketched out with colored chalk-just to keep my angles fairly identical on each side.

Once again using the

APC's paint- "Crushed Tea"

 I began the design.

I looked at a few different chandelier designs to get a feel for what style I liked before starting and just kind of customized a personal design that I think fits the size and shape of the dresser.

This is the final look of the design, I really do love how the

APC's, "crushed tea" 

almost looks like a watercolor painting!

The original handles were painted with a hammered metal finish, I think they fit in to the new look and style just perfect!

Until the next project, keep those brushes wet-n-flowin'!

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