Nothing like staying home for real comfort

The Dinner table is possibly THEE most important piece of furniture your home will ever have, so why not take the effort to make it extra special? No, that doesn't mean you have to run out and drop all those hard earned dollars on a highly expensive piece. My customer had purchased this some years prior from a large warehouse store, it was the classic chunky wood table that was the basic stained wood top with dark black legs.

It was one of those mass produced sets that were very common and popular in many households but still very sturdy and great shape, "good bones". It has little dings and scratches on the tops from the families past meals and gatherings they had shared together. The perfect reason to just keep it and give it an "upgrade".

So out came the furniture paints, I used a beautiful natural color "Sackcloth" from the American Paint Company on the base of the tables, chairs and bench, at least 2 coats lightly sanding in between coats.

I'm going to do a whitewash over the tabletop so I needed to sand it really good to give it a good base to adhere to.

I then mixed Navajo White from the APC company with water to give it a milky consistency, working very fast I applied the paint with a brush keeping in the direction of the woodgrain and then again quickly wiping off with rags or paper towels also in the same direction of the woodgrain. Don't forget your table edges. I did this three times until I achieved my desired amount of coverage.

Next, I added some fun stripes to the sitting bench for that little added "pop" of personality that my customer was looking for. Just simply measure out your stripe widths, mask it off with light adhesive painters tape and add your desired color in two coats. Gently remove tape after it is dry to the touch.

The last steps were to clear wax all of the chairs, bench and table legs, buff it out until it has a nice sheen, then I applied 2-3 coats of clear hard top coat to the table top for that extra protection it will need, (also from APC).

And there you have it! The perfect dinette set that your home and YOU deserve! You will spend many, many hours with the people that are the most important to you around the dinner table so why not make it personal and beautiful? 

The table is now ready for all of those wonderful loving festivities! Bon appe'tit!

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