Road kill or Road thrill? You decide

Dining Chair Refinish Girl UPcycled Studio

Can you believe I found these on the side of the road?!? Yes indeedy, I kid you not! We live pretty far out on an old curvy country road and evidently the neighbors in the farmhouse down they way were moving. At first I thought it must be a mistake, they would surely be coming back for them! Well, after driving by a couple of times I decided to leave a note with my number just incase I had made a calls as of yet :)

Ok, so, I totally dove into this project without getting photos of how bad they appeared to be to the "untrained eye" so I will try to set the stage for you...they were covered in quality kid goo...the backs, the fabric seats that had once been off white (why you would choose that color with kids is beyond me) and all down the legs was sticky sucker residue, sweet juice dried all over mixed with a nice topping of dried chocolate milk! It kinda made me wonder if there were adults even living at the house.

So off to work I go scrubbing with hot water, vinegar and dawn favorite dirt and grime fighting defense until I find he treasure of the oak lying beneath all the filth. Quickly tighten up anything loose and were ready for the transformation.

I chose two different layers of grey, actually the base is a bit deeper like a toupe with the lighter grey applied to the top layer. Make sure you always paint an item upside down if you are able, you will have a more even coverage and find there is less you will have to go back and touch up when your finished.

I found the perfect fabric to use, it was indoor/outdoor fabric which means its super durable and will stand up to wear, tear and sticky fingers!

Upholstered Chair Girl UPcycled Studio

Ok, so I kinda got busy on this and forgot to get shots of the upholstering part, but this is a very simple procedure just stapling tight as possible. The most important part about applying fabric on furniture is getting your corners seamless and smooth.

May I present to you the "Weathered Ladies", solid oak antique farm chairs all dressed up and ready for their new life and new family!

I love the way the two toned grey hues blend together just very subtle, such a classic finish! these sweet girls sold pretty fast but I'm sure there are more chairs out there just waiting for me to find them!

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