That can't be grammy's buffet!?!

Upcycling a piece of furniture can bring a love for antiques to a whole new generation, take this piece for example. 

This is a custom order that came in and belonged to my customers grandmother but it didn't necessarily fit in with their current style.

Custom order upcycled buffet Girl UPcycled Studio

Beautiful yes...but guess what? My customers were not in love with it!

Do you know how to properly clean and know when or IF you should Prime?

Found treasures Girl UPcycled Studio

Sometimes there are treasures to be found when cleaning the inner shell of a piece of furniture. I found out that Grammy had quite the perfect shot...and notice the eclectic mix with a verse on the pen saying Prayer is key that opens heavens door...maybe the bullet was too?? Lol

Ok, back to business-Are you confused with whether or not you need to Prime a piece? Well I have a short video below to help you with that answer!

After all of the proper prep was finished I used two layers of the color Letterpress Grey from the DIY Paint line. The next day I applied both clear wax and then a layer of dark wax also from the DIY Paint line. See links to diy products below

Buffet Girl UPcycled Studio

The magic of dark wax! Yes it's a bit of work but ohhh...those results!

Now for the FUN part! Using the home collection from IOD (Iron Orchid Designs) rollers I created a beautiful hand created designers touch by incorporating the Iron Gate roller Finish to the insides of the cabinet doors as well as the outer sides of drawers using the Gold Patina From the DIY Paint line. See instructional video above to see how easy this is to use!

my Aff link to roller is here_


Don't forget to finish some of those hidden areas for a professional touch!

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