The Marriage of Barbed Wire and a Paint Brush

A Lust For Rust  

I just love combining unexpected mediums and texture to my work it gives it that "element of surprise" 

But, first things first! step one is finding an old door, something nice and solid. We then simply split it down the middle and supported it on the back.

Next step, I chose a medium turquoise paint (I used my own chalk paint for this project) then I applied a 

light fresh white tone in layers using the "dragging" method. Add layers until it is covered with slight peeks of color coming thru in various places. You can also use a putty knife to scrape away some of the layers as well if you wish.

I initially had scrap wood pieces in the missing glass panes and was thinking of a paint texture or painted art detail to add but I just wasn't loving it-it was missing that "wow" I started fumbling through all my "extras" hanging around the house.

And when I say "hanging around" the house, I mean literally "hanging around" the house. I had bought this old rusted barbed wire from a scrap dealer, pulled it out of the trunk and plopped it up on the closest hook I found which just happened to be my front door. (I actually really liked it there...can't say my family did though, lol)


So, to cut this thick wire I found some very heavy wire cutters. Don't forget to wear gloves if you try this!! Using wire snips and pliers I went to town making different scrolling designs with the wire. 

I just hammered the barbed wire down with U tacks for a sturdy hold ....main thing needed here? Patience! 

And then lastly the shelves were painted and attached and "Whaaaa-Laaa!!!" There you have it, a super cool UPcycled door that is now a "One-Of-A-Kind" corner shelf with rusted barbed wire giving it an original artistic touch. Don't forget to mount this to your wall for extra protection, especially those parents out there with "climbing kiddos", remember to keep em safe!

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