Tropical Boho for my little lazy river town

Nothing welcomes spring and generates excitement like seeing bright and vibrant colors, so that is just what I set out to do with the Spring/Summer Girl UPcycled Studio window design for the season. Is there anything more cheerful than seeing a warm tropical setting, something that reminds me of all those beachfront vacations I've taken throughout the years! This is my tropical tribute to my community in our lazy little river town, I think it will make them smile!

Tropical Window Display

Tropical Boho Storefront Window Design

I knew when I spotted this big beautiful vintage peacock chair at an instant that I wanted to do a bright ombré paint technique to her so I started with (Debi's Design Diary DIY paint) the color "Mermaid Tail" at the bottom, I mean really...with that name I just had to! Then the next layer is "old 57" which I applied full strength. As I moved up the chair I just simply started to dilute the old 57 shade with "Vintage Linen" until the very top was eventually full strength vintage linen.

Stippling on wicker Girl UPcycled

Use a stippling method when applying paint to wicker products

Next was to create the large scale leaves, we chose tropical shapes for our particular theme.

And just why you ask do I not just buy them?? Because I'm promoting as much locally handmade products as possible in the studio so I want the front window to display  handmade hand touched UPcycled and repurposed items whenever possible.

A special thanks going out to Christine Drozda and her daughter Madeline for helping me on this, it made it so much fun with you two!

we just sketched out random tropical leaf shapes of poster board and then cut them out.

Banana Leaves

Cut random banana leaf shapes and cluster them together 

When painting the leaves do not dilute this thick clay based paint as it will give the leaves a thicker yet pliable finish. I also painted in a V like angle to mimic the natural patern of a leaf. Add touches of Golden Ticket to add highlight to the front of leaves.  For added effect, you can crumple the poster board before painting then dry brush for a textured vein effect.

Fancy Farmgirl Banana Leaves

Using Fancy Farmgirl green with Golden Ticket DIY Paint from Debi's Design Diary

Live Periscope demo of the making of the banana leaves

I hope you've enjoyed watching the progress of this funky vintage tropical  bohemian setting and I hope it leaves you with memories of your summer vacation spots!  What ideas of your past vacation spots would make for the perfect window display?

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