When I saw you, I fell in love

I must say, I really did fall in love with this piece upon first sight, in spite of the ugly paint job and chippy layers. I could even envision the colors on it. I knew I was feeling like it needed some warm hints of purple tones but I also knew I didn't want an overkill on the purple.

My first base coats I used were the APC's ( American paint company) Crushed Tea, I absolutely LoVe this color because it has a warm base to it which means it looks lovely with purple/red based colors.

Next came the APC's "purple majesty" in which I painted all the great accents with a smaller detailing brush. The inside and out sides of drawers were painted this lovely robins egg blue (my own special paint mix)  which just brings that perfect element of surprise to the interior. Momma always says

"it's what's on the inside that really shows who you are"

...she IS talking about furniture right?? ;)

Now for the FUN!!! I watched one of my "furniture paintin' Sisters" from the


store that we all work in use this same mixture on the chair (which is photographed down below with the desk) and yes....It made me squeal! This was the exact final "icing on the cake" that I was looking for!!!

A lil' APC's Clear glaze mixed with a dash of Cameo...the perfect light glaze was ready!

While using any glaze you want to work in sections Annnd...work fast my friends!

Paint on-wipe off...do NOT overwork it...ummm...did I mention not to overwork this?! Why you ask? Worst case scenario is it will pull your layers of paint off that you've worked for hours on to get it ready for this magic step...soo just practice up if your a newbie.

I use a smaller detailing brush on the legs and all area that has scrolling, you want all of those lovely details to really "pop" with the glazes.

I really love to add extra little additions that are unexpected and I thought this quote from William Shakespeare was perfect!

"When I saw you,

I fell in love

And you smiled

Because you knew."

Just look at the close up detailing and texture that the glaze gave it, just beautiful! This is when old pieces that have years of layers of paint chipped away underneath are benificial.

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