My Dream Is Yours

Vintage Buffet Diaper Station Repurpose Girl UPcycled Studio

This is possibly my favorite project to date because it has such personal touches added within it to always remind a very special baby girl of her grandmothers love.

Angel Wings Buffet Diaper Station Girl UPcycled Studio

Vintage buffet repurposed as a diaper changing station 

I had created a similar design about a year ago that my customer had fallen in love with so when she had gotten the wonderful news of a new baby girl coming to the family she was looking for a nice diaper changing station -I had a very special plan to repurpose this retro buffet into the diaper station and incorporate very special personal hints of grandmother within the actual design itself!

This particular customer is a jazz and classic guitarist so the perfect addition was to incorporate little hints of her very own sheet music within the feathers themselves. One of the songs incorporated in a feather was called "My Dream Is Yours", the name I chose for this post. We also decided it would be fun to pull the lavender tone into the feathers using some extra scraps of the very same wall paper from the grandmothers home. 

Mixed media with sheet music, wall paper then a touch of lavender paint on the tips of the feather. 

I just simply ripped the paper off in long strips so the shape would mimic a feather. You can use anything personal you like, pages from a favorite book, a special hymn, what about using a handwritten letter from your grandmother? 

What are some other ideas where you could put a very personal spin on something that is otherwise a common piece?  I would love to hear about them!

Beautiful crystal knobs finish it off so lovely! 

Oh and don't forget to put extra attention into the knobs, these are crystal drawer knobs that are just absolutely stunning! Think of the pulls and knobs as the earrings that complete the final look of an evening gown.

DIY paint French Millinery was used on interior and on feather tips

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