Tis The Season

Upcycled Wreath Girl UPcycled Studio

Put an element of surprise into your wreaths by adding an antique tool or a salvaged piece as the focal point for an unexpected touch!

No fireplace? No problem! Just tuck an old mantel in behind the tree for that Christmas nostalgia feel! Adding an old weathered wash tin makes the perfect tree stand too!

Add old wooden crates as risers, tuck in an old porch column for interest and then an old sleigh always works in perfectly with any winter display.

Residential site. This tree we keep in the natural woodland with berry look that blends with the homeowner's style of decor, and whatever you do....don't skimp on the lighting....lighting is everything!

The remainder are various commercial sites that I contract with a seasonal company during the Holidays to do a bit of Christmas Interior decorating. No sleep, lots of glitter....you gotta love it to do it every year :)

Commercial sites-even the small details matter! 

Commercial Sites-offices

Retail public space -

A bit of whimsy for this commercial site!

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