Buffet in painted “Raku” finish

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Buffet in Painted "Raku" finish style


This piece is nothing less than stunning! I photographed it when the light was filtering through the studio at just the right time so you can see what it looks like when the light hits it in certain areas! Its painted with many many layers of paint and metallic copper details and has beautiful texture as well!

This piece reminded me of a dear old potter friend of mine that specialized in the Japanese (yet Americanized style) called "Raku" firing process of ceramics! The process requires 2 firings with the 2nd low fire adding newspaper or even sawdust to the flames creating this oxidized and multi jewel toned colors sometimes-you can see how thrilled I was to step back when finished and see the similarities of the Raku finish, so I had to name it "Raku" in honor of this exciting technique!