Bungalow IOD Transfer

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IOD Bungalow Transfer, 12x16 from Iron Orchid Design



  • Carefully select and cut out your transfer pieces, 
  • Keep free of dust or debris while Hovering over the surface, position the transfer piece where you want to apply it.
  •  Put the transfer in place and use tape to secure corner side of transfer to touch anything prior to application. When handling the transfer, avoid letting the adhesive side touch itself (do not apply in a windy environment) Using the provided tool, start in one corner of the design and begin rubbing withfirm, even pressure to adhere the transter to the surtace. Continue across thesurface of design until it is all adhered. If a small amount has not transfered when you peel the sheet up, simply lay the sheet back down and apply more rubbing to that area.should be clean, dry and flat. If applying to a painted surtace, make surethat the paint is fully cured, stable and free of any residual moisture. Remove the sheet and smooth down any loose areas with your clean, dry hand Burnish firmly with a clean soft cloth to ensure maximum adhesion.You can leave as is or gently distress with fine sandpaper.
  •  Protect the transfer with a surface appropriate sealer that does not contain strong solvents which can interfere with adhesion. If you are using a chalky style, or mineral based furniture paint, adhesion is stronger when such surfaces are sealed with a water based polyurethane type finish prior to applying transfers. When sealing over a transfer, avoid strong solvent-basedtopcoats which can adversely attect the bond. Not intended for outdooruse or constant and direct sunlight which can cause fading and degrading.