Blind Love Valentine Paint Party

Blind Love Valentine Paint Party

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Grab someone you LOVE! Sister-Brother-Lover or Friend and come have a really fun night at the "Blind-Love" Paint Party on Valentine's Day! You will laugh as you blindfold your partner and direct them on where to paint! Ohhhh, but be nice because YOU are next! Then your parter blind folds YOU and guides YOU on your blind painting!!!

Cost is 35 per person for the paint party-so if you're purchasing for your partner please add 2 to your cart, everything will be provided for this exciting paint experience!

Wednesday February 14th 6:00 pm

Now, don't worry this is going to be a really simple design-created just for the fun of it PLUS you are invited to Enjoy other attractions around the building that night such as those passion drinks over in the Weasel Boy Tiki Room, grab a drink and head on upstairs to the Bunko Jess studio to enjoy the Community LOVE Art Show that will be on display that night too!o

We can't wait to enjoy the night with all of you!!!